• Landrun 100 27th

  • Sea Otter Classic April 11-14

  • Eureka Springs Continental EWS 5th

  • North American Enduro Cup 11th

  • Winter Park BME 21st

  • USA Cycling Enduro National Champs 9th

  • Whistler EWS 63rd

  • Northstar EWS 57th

  • Coler Enduro 1st

  • OZ Trails Offroad October 11-13

  • BT Epic October 18-20


EWS Continental Enduro Series

  • Overall Standings 5th

  • Aspen Snowmass, CO 12th

  • Northstar, CA 21st

  • Burke, VT 16th


  • Camp Eagle 2nd

  • Sea Otter Classic 18th

  • Cascadia Dirt Cup: Post Canyon Enduro 2nd

  • Enduro Jura, France 9th

  • North American Enduro Cup 7th

  • USA Cycling National Champs 2nd

  • OZ Trail Epic Rides Off-Road 24th

  • Redbull Pump Track World Championship 16th

  • BT Epic 2nd

Enduro World Series


IMBA National Series

  • Overall Finish 1st

  • California Enduro Series Northstar Enduro 18th

  • USA Cycling Enduro National Championships 3rd

  • CLIF Enduro East Killington Green Mtn by VITTORIA ESC 4th

  • North American Enduro Cup 5th

  • Santa Fe Big Mountain Enduro 12th

  • Ellsworth 0-Rock Epic 2nd

Southern Enduro Tour

  • Overall Finish 1st

  • Ellsworth O-Rock Epic 2nd

  • Dino Valley 1st

  • Iron Mountain 2nd

  • Camp Eagle 1st

  • Return of the Zombie Goat 3rd


  • EWS Qualifier Ranking 3rd

  • Monarch Crest Enduro 2nd

  • Single Track Mind Enduro 1st

  • Coler Enduro 1st